We are opening a new cycle of webinars "The Art of Being Healthy and Happy"

Such a long break from May to December 2020 was due to the fact that:

1) in connection with the coronavirus, the method of a healthy lifestyle (HLS) has been revised as the main way to increase the body's resistance. Two people I know have successfully used this technique. Details on the webinar. Link

2) it was necessary to revise the book "Twelve Keys to the Longevity Safe" (424 pages).Link

3) The test program "Longevity and performance" has been revised, which allows you to evaluate and plan your longevity and performance in 10 minutes and for the distant future. Link

4) during this time, was published the book "How to Become a Happy Golfer" (400 pages) with the subtitle "Sports Longevity by the Example of Golf". Link

5) The book is supplemented by the "Golfer's Performance" test program, which allows you to calculate the mode of life so as to celebrate your centenary on the golf course, tennis court or any other sport you love. Link

6) the work on the creation of the theory of Statistical Demography (gerontology) was completed based on the results of a 33-year round-the-world study. On this basis, and improve the method of healthy lifestyle in the context of the protracted coronavirus. Link